Montserrat Better Prepared As Atlantic Hurricane Season Peaks

Director of the Disaster Management Coordination Agency (DMCA) Alvin Ryan says the DMCA is in a better position to deal with other hazards that are not volcano related.

Ryan says thanks to the Governor’s Office and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office the warehouse at the DMCA is now stocked to deal with hurricanes more efficiently.

Ryan was highlighting the DMCA’s preparedness for the hurricane season on ZJB radio Tuesday morning.

In the event that a hurricane or storm poses a threat to the island, a meeting of the National Disaster Policy Advisory Committee (NDPRAC) is called by the Governor.

The NDPRAC is made up of the Governor, who sits as the chairperson, alongside the Honourable Premier. The Committee also includes the Ministers of Government, the Financial Secretary, the Attorney General, the Commissioner of Police, Commanding Officer of the Defence Force and the Director of the Montserrat Volcano Observatory.

Ryan further explains how the disaster management system operates.