Lewis & Taylor Farrell Disagree on Pension Reform

The Honourable Minister with responsibility for labour says the People’s Democratic Movement (PDM) has given its commitment to making meaningful adjustments to the Pensions Act to benefit workers.

Paul Lewis has claimed that during the term of the last Movement for Change and Prosperity (MCAP) government, changes were made to the arrangements in the act which has shortchanged workers. 

Mr. Lewis said investigations have revealed that MCAP made the changes under the guise of what they claimed was sustainability.

But he says there is always the need to strike the right balance.

Meantime, leader of the MCAP Party calls Mnister Lewis’ statement pathetic.

Easton Taylor Farrell said what he has found mind boggling was that Mr. Lewis was the trade union leader for public servants from 2004 to 2014 and a minister of government from 2014 to present and did nothing during that time.

Mr. Taylor Farrell says now he is asking the electorate to give him another term to things he should have fixed long ago.