Fly Montserrat Issues Press Release on Monday's Aircraft Incident

FlyMontserrat Press Release. 24 September 2019

All FlyMontserrat's flights are running normally from 9am this morning following an incident at Montserrat's John A Osborne Airport on Monday afternoon.
The aircraft, on a flight from Antigua with 6 passengers, carried out a normal approach and landing on arrival, at about 4.30pm.
As the aircraft approached the far end of Runway 10, the Pilot turned,
but due to the wet runway surface the aircraft vacated the runway at a very slow speed, estimated at 1-2mph.
Thanks to the skill of the pilot, no-one was hurt in the incident, but the aircraft incurred some damage to its rear elevator, and to its wing tip during recovery.
As is normal, the relevant authorities have been informed and investigations continue into all aspects of the flight.