UK Air Accident Investigators Looking into Fly Montserrat’s Incident at the John A Osborne Airport

ZJB News understands that in any incident/accident, the local Air Accident investigation Manager on the ground would contact the Air Accident Investigation Branch in the United Kingdom to give an official initial update of the situation on the ground.

Following this initial report, the incident/Accident scene would be assessed and cordoned off to secure the site.

The local Air Accident Investigation Manager would then continue his investigation including taking photographs of the scene and any debris to formulate his evidence.

It is also expected that the Air Accident Investigation Manager will conduct interviews with the pilot and passengers, as well as eyewitness accounts of what happened Monday afternoon.

Following the presentation of this information to Air Accident Investigation Branch in the United Kindom, the organization will dispatch personnel to Montserrat to carry out further investigation.

And in some interesting development, the Manager of the John A Osborne Airport has confirmed to ZJB News that  the regulators Air Safety Support International (ASSI) has given instructions to close for traffic at the facility once the runway is wet.