Civil Service Union to Heighten Awareness during September Youth Month

The Montserrat Civil Service Association Plans to increase public awareness during the celebration of Youth Month in September.

Under the theme “Transforming Education”, the month of activities will begin with a church service at the Church of God of Prophecy on Sunday.

The activities will continue with a live panel discussion on September 14th, where young people will explore the topic “Increasing the awareness; Your Union and You” on Radio Montserrat.

This discussion will seek to create further awareness among youth in the Montserrat Community as to the history, purpose and Future of the Trade Union movement.

Additionally, and in keeping with the theme of knowledge sharing, the MCSA will embark on an ‘Information Awareness Day’ for both members and prospective members alike.

On September 17th, youth and executive members of the association will be engaged in activities to further educate the public on all thing’s union.

This will include visits to the Montserrat Community College, the Montserrat Secondary School, as well as Government departments sharing the good news of the Union movement to one and all.

The celebration will come to end, with the union hosting a two-day Youth Retreat on September 18th and 19th at the Royal Montserrat Police Service Conference Room for all youth between the ages of 18-35 years.