Regional Statistics Delegates Convene On Montserrat This Week

The 43rd meeting of the Standing Committee of Caribbean Statisticians and accompanying meetings opened at the Montserrat Cultural Centre Monday with Honourable Premier.

Donaldson Romeo stressing the importance of the gathering of data and numbers to policy-making and governance in a digitally connected world. 

While delivering the keynote address at the opening ceremony, Premier Romeo highlighted the rapid changes taking place with the arrival of technology, citing the movement of financial capital and the buying and selling of goods and services in multiple time zones simultaneously. 

Honourable Premier Donaldson Romeo 

Meantime, Project Director, Regional Statistics, Dr Philomen Harrison echoed the sentiments of the honourable premier in relation to the theme “Building Resilience of the Caribbean Community, and the regional strategy on statistics.

She highlighted the crucial role that statistics play in Montserrat and the rest of the Caribbean, and the need to advance the national and regional statistical agenda in CARICOM 

Project Director, Regional Statistics, Dr Philomen Harrison

The 28th meeting of the Regional Census Coordinating Committee and the 11th meeting of the regional Statistical Research Seminar are the other events taking place here.