Incident Response Training for Cyber Security Specialist

Photo Credit: Denfield Cadett Morris' Facebook Page

Photo Credit: Denfield Cadett Morris' Facebook Page

Montserrat’s Cyber Security Specialist Denfield Morris will be attending a Cyber Security Incident Response and Computer Network Forensics Training boot Camp next month.

The July 16th to the 31st training in Washington offers a hands-on Incident response course that covers the essential information you need to know in order to properly detect, contain and mitigate security incidents.

In the 15-day course, Morris will also be exposed to the rubrics of incident response, as well as the tools of the trade used by incident responders on a daily basis.

The topics to be covered include Incident Response Process, Event/Incident Detection, Sources of Network Evidence, Firewall log investigation and Enable constituents to protect their assets and/or detect similar incidents.

Morris’ attendance at this workshop is part of plans by the Ministry of Communications Works and Labour to create a National Cyber Response Team.