OECS Audit Committee To Improve Accountability in Member States

Montserrat is hoping to benefit from the implementation of an OECS audit committee.

The committee was endorsed at the recent 65th Meeting of the (OECS) Authority in St. Lucia.

The audit committee, established by the OECS Commission, is aimed at providing unbiased and objective oversight to stakeholders – a requirement for many development partners to gain funding, such as the European Union and the Green Climate Fund.

The terms of reference for the new initiative were signed by incoming chairman of the OECS Authority, Dr Ralph Gonsalves, on June 19, 2018 in Saint Lucia.

Dr. Gonsalves noted with earnest the importance of such a committee to the organizational apparatus of the OECS of which Montserrat is an integral part.

Director general of the OECS, Dr Didacus Jules, echoed these sentiments confirming that the committee would be critical in attesting to the financial rectitude of the Commission.

The Audit Committee has appointed Yvonne James, director of audit (Ag) in Saint Lucia, as chairman.

Montserrat’s turn will eventually come up as the Chairmanship rotates alphabetically among the member states in accordance with the OECS Authority chairmanship.

Current members of the OECS Audit Committee comprises Dean Evanson, Director of Audit, Antigua and Barbuda; Andrew Gumbs, Director of Audit, Anguilla;   Dahalia Sealey, Director of Audit, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines; Yvonne James, Director of Audit (Ag), Saint Lucia; and Anya Whitfield, Saint Lucia Chamber of Commerce

Internal auditor at the OECS Commission, Mauricia Carr, also welcomes the initiative as the Commission seeks to be accountable and transparent in the management of public and donor funded resources to Montserrat and other member states and development partners.