Emancipation Day, a Time for Education on the Atrocities of Slavery

As Montserrat and the region observed Emancipation Day on Wednesday August 1, Montserratian Academic and Historian says Caribbean people must continue to be educated on slavery and its ongoing effect.

Professor Sir Howard Fergus says the significance of Emancipation and Slavery and its continuing relevance is beyond debate.

He said the atrocities and inhumanity of chattel slavery and its abiding effects on black people must never be forgotten.

Sir Howard pointed to the immigration policies in the US and the Windrush experience in the UK as present day experiences which resonate with black slavery.

Sir Howard was speaking to Radio Anguilla’s Keithstone Greaves on Wednesday.

Britain’s slavery abolition Act of 1833 outlawed slavery throughout the British Empire and it came into force the following year, on the 1st of August 1834.