Fenyx Creations Takes over the Running of Teen Pageant

Another organization has stepped in to organize the annual teenage pageant; just days after Sunrise Productions announced it would no longer be involved.

Fenyx Creations says it has decided to fill the void and continue the Pageant, usually held during the annual Christmas Festival in December.

Fenyx Creations is an organization whose aim is pageant development and female empowerment.

It was responsible for the planning and execution of the 2015 Miss Montserrat Queen Show.

Last week Sunrise Production informed supporters, business partners and members of the community, that the 2018 Pageant was the last under Sunrise Productions brand.

The Teen Pageant has been a flagship project of Sunrise Productions since the group’s inception in 2006.

Sunrise Productions has executed 9 pageants featuring over 40 contestants over the past decade.

Through pageantry, the group had showcased Montserrat’s rich culture and history while celebrating the diversity of its young women, giving them a platform on which to develop their self-confidence and showcase their individuality.