Vulnerable Families Receive Government Social Housing

Four vulnerable families are in receipt of permanent decent, resilient houses……compliments the Department for International Development (DFID) and the Government of Montserrat

Photo Credit: DiscoverMNI

Photo Credit: DiscoverMNI

The handing over of the social houses took place Monday morning at the Davy Hill Community Centre.

Speaking at the handing over ceremony, Honourable Housing minister David Osborne highlighted the major milestones that were achieved during the process.

He said that apart from the four houses to the vulnerable families, the project was able to employ at least forty construction works, plus three houses that were declared unfit for human habitation were demolished and replaced with steel-reinforced concrete dwellings

Honourable Housing Minister David Osborne

Meantime, DFID’s Resident Representative, Moira Marshall, who was on hand to witness the handing over of the houses, expressed delight to be invited to witness the final stage of the DFID-funded project…the handing over of the completed houses

DFID Representative on Island, Moira Marshall