Petrol Prices on the Increase

Bad news for motorists heading to the pumps, as gas prices has once again increased.

According to new price data released by the Ministry of Agriculture, Trade, Lands, Housing & the Environment, as of August 2nd, the price of a gallon of regular gas is 15 dollars and 06 cents, while premium is 14 dollars and 86 cents.

Diesel is being sold at 12 dollars and 12cents.

The August prices, before the change, were 14 dollars and 58 cents, 14 dollars and 86 cents and 12 dollars and 46 cents for regular gas, premium gas and diesel respectively

As of May 30th, regular gas was being sold at 15 dollars and 27 cents, premium gas 15 dollars and 40 cents and diesel 12 dollars and 44 cents.